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Milan Tair, Aleksandar Mihajlović, Nikola Savanović, Marko Šarac
A multi-layered image format for the web with an adaptive layer selection algorithm
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Abstract: In this paper we present a proposed multi-layered image format for use on the web. The format implements an algorithm for selecting adequate layer images depending on the image container's surroundings and size. The layer selection depends on the weighted average brightness of the underlying web page background within the bounds of the image. The proposed image format supports multiple image layers with adjoined thresholds and activation conditions. Depending on these conditions and the underlying background, a layer's visibility will be adequately set. The selection algorithm takes into account the background brightness, each layer's adjoined threshold values, and other newly introduced layer conditions.
Keywords: Image format, Layers, Selection algorithm, Web, Responsive design.

Aleksandar Ranković, Vladica Mijailović, Dimitrije Rozgić, Dragan Ćetenović
Optimization of electric and magnetic field emissions produced by independent parallel overhead power lines
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Abstract: This paper presents a method for determining optimal arrangements of parallel independent overhead power lines aimed to decrease electric and magnetic field emissions. The Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to find the optimal placement of conductors. The Monte Carlo approach implemented in GA allows consideration of uncertain phase shifts between independent overhead power lines. The results and practical aspects of the proposed methodology are illustrated on two different configurations of both independent 400 kV single-circuit and double-circuit overhead power lines.
Keywords: Magnetic field, Electric field, Phase shift, Genetic algorithm, Optimization.

Ana M. Plazinić, Milka M. Potrebić, Dejan V. Tošić, Milan V. Plazinić
Compact microwave triple-mode bandpass filter in planar technology
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Abstract: This paper introduces a novel microwave planar filter design using triple – mode resonator. In order to achieve the filter size reduction we use the multilayer technology. The structure consists of two dielectric layers separated by a common ground plane. The triple – mode resonator consists of two dual-mode resonators which are placed on different sides of dielectric layers. Electrical connection between the two resonators is realized by using a via-hole. We use the dual-mode resonator with the short circuited central stub. The filter is designed for the center frequency of 1 GHz. In order to reduce the simulation time for the filter design, we propose a new circuit model, because the circuit-level simulations are significantly faster than three-dimensional electromagnetic (3D EM) simulations. The 3D filter structure is decomposed into domains and each of them is modeled by a microwave network. The results of the 3D EM simulation and circuit-level simulation are in good agreement.
Keywords: Bandpass filter, Dual-mode resonator, Miniaturization, Multilayer technology, Triple – mode resonator.

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